1. New Domain Names1 .com is key for SEO

.com has nothing to do with increase or decreasing SEO. According to various Google representatives the new domain names should be seen as the old ones and should not be differentiated. Keywords in a TLD do not have any pros or cons in search.

  1. People don’t trust the new GTLD

A study showed that many people are not comfortable using the new GTLD, and the only reason for that is people are having certain issues regarding the security, which is why they do not prefer it much. However, this does not signify that they do not trust the new GTLD. A proper branding technique as well as a unique site design is needed so that it increases the feeling of feeling by a huge percentage.

  1. You can always change your GTLD

Even though you can change your GTLD, according to Google it is best if you do not. It is recommended not to change your GTLD because changing your domain is a long process and it is quite time consuming. Moreover, users expect the email address to be the same over a long period of time, therefore is best to be completely sure of the GTLD you choose.

  1. .com is going to dominate forever

The prices of .com domains are increasing by the minute and people are trying to grab whatever is left of it. With the limited domain names, people have begun choosing new GTLD’s which is now making them increasingly popular. Even though there is no top domain name, there are 22 million domains to choose from now.

  1. No well known brand uses the new GTLD

Big brands have changed their views; they are upping their game and choosing to use the new GTLD’s. Big firms such as Microsoft to well known banks like Barclays are using the new GTLDs. Not all firms are warming up to the concept of using the new GTLDs but they are definitely beginning to recognize its benefits.

  1. .com is dying

.com has always been everyone’s first preference. Almost all site owners want .com to be their first preference. However, to get the .com domain, site owners would have to over spend which is why they switch to other domain. Presently 39% domains are .com based and this figure is seen to grow continuously. Furthermore, users prefer .com domains over other domains.