New GTLD NamesPros

  1. Encourages uniqueness

One of the greatest advantages of the new GTLD names is that you can use your own unique names that will help it stand out. For firms that have a growing brand, are recommended to use the new GTLD names because they help them reinforce their brand name and it helps them stand out among the other firms. Furthermore, GTLD’s with Chinese or non-Latin alphabets and characters will increase the diversity of different languages used on the internet.

  1. Accommodates greater choices

Now that there is a large variety of GTLD’s to choose from, there are terms available that are closely related to the nature of the website, for example .blog, rather than the mainstream ones used by everyone. Moreover, the new service specific TLDs are seen to help with the growth of businesses.

  1. Increases the profits for ccTLD owners

Quite a few country codes have gained a lot of benefits from being used as commercial purposes all over the world. One of the most well known one is .tv which is the ccTLD for Tuvalu, a bunch of small islands found in the South Pacific. This domain is usually used in the television, multimedia and entertainment industry.


  1. Increased cost of defensive registration

To make sure you get to use certain words and names for your domain name, you would need a registrant to buy most of the major GTLDs. Due to the increased number of GTLDs, purchasing most of the GTLDs can be prohibited and privately owned GTLD’s tend to be more expensive.

  1. Easier to implement restrictions

If rules are made that need certain kinds of operations to use a particular type of GTLD, therefore it becomes easier to isolate some kinds of domains and apply special restrictions to them. For example in many cases, adult entertainers are worried that if they use the domain name under .xxx they could be caught by the government or block the visibility of their content which could affect their business.

  1. Possible increase in fraudulent sites

Due to the current increasing online threats, there may be a greater risk of phishing and use domain names that are similar sounding that are used to commit various kinds of frauds. People could be misled to visit the wrong websites rather than the sites that they actually want to visit. Therefore, businesses need to be very careful about the domain name that they choose.